Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finished My Cruise Album

I'm so glad to finally finish my cruise album.  It is ordered but hasn't come in yet.  It will be a 12x12 hardcover digital album with 30 pages. This is what the front, spine and back cover will be:

For the album I used all Sahlin Studios digital kits that can be purchased at Scrap Matters. I used a combination of Around the World, Life's a Beach and Water Park kits. Here are just some of the pages in the album.  Some of these are two page spreads, but I'm having trouble putting two pictures beside each other on this blog.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I won a Contest!!!....Well, really the Runner Up, but it feels the same.

In early July I entered A Cherry On Top's Red, White and Blue Contest where you had to make a layout using those colors but it couldn't be for the Fourth of July.  I submitted and was selected as the digital winner. It is the End of School Party layout that is on my blog.  There was an overall winner (not me) then a digital runner up (me) and a paper runner up.  I will receive a digital prize pack, but I don't know what it is yet.  Here's the link to check it out.

Don't forget that the Big Picture Scrapbooking Big Idea Festival starts tomorrow.
Also, Stacy Julian's books are now available on her site

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girls Gone Scrappin crop and New Laptop Skin

I belong to a crop club called Girls Gone Scrappin that meets one Saturday a month for a 12 hour crop and includes a pot luck dinner.  At this time there are 8 members who take turns rotating houses to host the crop.  We have gone on 3 weekend retreats as well.  This past Saturday a few girls, Kim and Ana, only stopped by to say hello.  Another girl, Ali, cropped for the first half of the day.  Only four of us were left by dinnertime when we took the photos.

Angie Kyle, Joan McLendon, Katie McDaniel and Casandra Garrett
Joan's Italian Dinner

I love my laptop skin from I created my own custom design on my CM Stoybook Creator Plus, saved it on my computer and then uploaded it as a picture into Skinit's site.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

ScrapMatters Storewide sale and Awesome Blog Train with 49 Freebies

I love blog trains with freebies. This one at ScrapMatters' blog is great. Don't miss out on all the goodies. It is valid for just this week. The big 30% off sales ends Thursday...not sure if the blog train ends then too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gone Because of Laptop Issues

Hello, I haven't posted in a while because of laptop issues.

My Gateway laptop less than 1 1/2 years old had been acting up, shutting off for no reason, the 2nd battery died. the cursor not typing sometimes, etc.  I took it in to be looked at and found out that the mother board was going out.  The cost to replace that was around the same as buying a new computer.  So it was urgent that I hurry and buy a new computer before mine died completely.  Luckily I had been backing stuff up to an external hard drive, but still not every single bit.  So we went to Best Buy and bought a Dell Inspirion 17.3 inch right off the shelf along with the 2yr. warranty and Geek Squad Assistance so I would be covered if something happened to this one.  They only had black; so I went with it and decided to get a skin for this one from I designed my own skin that is so cute, and it should arrive in the next week or two. I'm very excited about it and will share when it is here.

So here they are side by side.  I'm very happy to get a larger screen and to have the newest operating systems and such. So all week I've been working on transfering and setting up the new laptop.

Since I had time on my hands while the Gateway laptop was in the shop I reorganized my scrapbook closet as well as other closets and drawers throughout the house and am happy with the results.
It brings me joy to see all or almost all my albums in one location. I've been traditionally scrapbooking the safe way since 1998 and have acquired quite a library of over 50 completed albums.  I think part of the reason I wanted to get into digital is that traditional albums with all the layers of papers and embellishments just take up too much space especially when I think ahead about how many albums I will have in the future.  Digital albums take up a fraction of the space of a traditional album not to mention the space the oodles of supplies take up.  Now, I do still purchase a tiny bit of traditional supplies if I am in love with and can't get it digitally. I do like a project, class or tree of life project every now and then. But the bulk of my pages are now only digital.

Here's the other part of my scrap closet that was not in view in the other photo.